My Brooklyn Apartment

Wednesday 27 February 2019

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While I was on my flight back to New York I was trying to think of how many apartments I’ve lived in since college. The answer (drumroll, please) is... ten. This is what happens when you don’t stay put in one place for too long. While I am so over moving in and out of new places, and lugging my stuff around the world, I am so not over decorating - it actually brings me a lot of joy. The living room/kitchen is finally complete and I thought I would share these parts of the space with you – still working on the bedroom and bath, so those will have to wait for another day.

Wine Rack / Kitchen Rug / Living Room Rug / Mini Rug (Similar) / Ubud Print - (Extra Large Size) / Teardrop Lamp 

The reason why I chose to move into this space was 1. The location and 2. The little Juliet balcony that sits off the living room. It’s big enough to fit two chairs, is perfect for the warmer months and you can see the Freedom Tower from the balcony! Some of the first things I purchased for the new flat was my coffee table and TV stand. I have wanted a hairpin coffee table for ages, and ended up finding a really affordable one ($99) on Wayfair. They don’t send this to you in a million pieces and it’s very simple to put together by yourself.

I somehow managed to take a lot of my candles and cookbooks back with me from London, which is a little ridiculous but I still did it! All of the crackle jar candles are from West Elm and then I have a couple basic Diptique candles scattered in the apartment. My spiky cup is from Etsy - which is actually one of my first ever purchases from the site. I remember meeting the seller at a craft fair in London and she was so sweet! My couch is Ikea and somehow survived both my brother and I's college years, and my throw pillows are from Indigo. Everything in the apartment is really budget-friendly, except for my bamboo blinds which were a bit of a splurge.

These twinkle lights are inexpensive and so pretty at night. I have them in my living room and bedroom too. I also have mini succulents all over the apartment. All of my artwork is from places that I have visited to remind me of those times and experiences - so I have Ubud above my couch, Capri by the TV and Malta in the kitchen!

That's all for now - I hope you enjoyed my little apartment tour and speak soon!
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Snowed In

Tuesday 12 February 2019

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Hello from this crazy Canadian snow storm! I would be home the week Toronto gets hit with a storm, but I am not even mad about it – I haven’t experienced being #snowedin in such a long time and it gives me a good excuse to whip out my Roots Cabin SocksSorels and good old Canada Goose. I swear this is the Canadian equivalent to the USA's basic North Face sweater, leggings and Uggs combo but... I don't care.

I definitely consider this blog to be more travel themed than fashion themed (I am by no means a hardcore fashionista), but there are some winter pieces I simply can’t live without and I thought I would share them with you today in the spirit of snowy Canada. 

So first things first, as mentioned above, I could never get through winter without my Canada Goose.  Might be kinda mainstream I know, but this jacket has not failed me for five years. FIVE years (!!!). It keeps me warm and is 100% worth the investment. Same goes for my Sorels – I recently got a new pair (kicking myself because they just went on sale) but my old ones also lasted around 4 years-ish. The style I am wearing is called the ‘Whistler Mid Boots’ and they keep my toes warm and dry all winter long!

I really don’t know how people dress up in -20 to go out (with friends, family, date night, etc.) but I seem to always gravitate towards the classics: high waisted jeans, black bodysuit and heeled booties. I realize I’m not the only girl that wears this combo but it’s yet to fail me. I have three pairs of jeans that are always on rotation: Rag & Bone 10-Inch Capri with Slit (I’ve raved about these in a previous post), Levi’s Wedgie Icon and Levi’s 501 Skinny. I really don't even bother with other brands or styles anymore as these three keep my bum happy...

In terms of bodysuits and long-sleeves, I get the most of mine from Forever 21. My favorite leggings to wear during winter days are from NikeAdidas (the Original Three Stripe), TNA or Armatura which are a small UK brand I discovered whilst living there. The leggings I am wearing today are from Nike and they have the logo in metallic on the bottom. I found them for 20 bucks in a Marshalls in Florida but sadly can't find them online anywhere - these, however, are super similar and very fitting for a snow day!
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Where To Eat In Dumbo

Sunday 10 February 2019

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It’s officially been five months since I’ve moved from Europe back to the US, and I finally feel like I have started to settle in. New York just feels so much busier than London or Berlin, and at first it felt quite hectic living here. Every time I move I feel like I am starting over – new friends, new flat, new city – but I am so excited for what 2019 will bring! I’ve begun to plan a few trips around the US (I can’t wait to explore more!) and also a couple back to the EU, which I will of course share with you all here.

Since I work in Dumbo I’ve managed to try out a bunch of different restaurants in the neighborhood! I wanted to share my top 3 favorites with you – these are definitely ones to try next time you are visiting the city.

#1 Cecconis

Cecconi's is honestly one of my favorite restaurants, hands down. The decor, view and food are all amazing. They also have one in The Ned in London which is soooo dreamy and the best date night spot ever. So go to Cecconi's if you're in NY or London!! The Whipped Ricotta with truffle honey and crostini is seriously what dreams are made of.

#2 Sugarcane Raw Bar

Sugarcane Raw Bar comes in at a close second. They have this Maine lobster BLT sushi roll that is unreal and their dessert menu is so good.

#3 Juliana's Pizza

I went to Juliana's pizzeria this past weekend while my parents were visiting the city. It was a 45 minute wait to get a table, but if you are big time craving authentic pizza it's worth it. The #6 with guac was our favorite!

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