Autumn Outings in Paris & Amsterdam

Wednesday 16 November 2016

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I'm having a very busy November this year, having ventured off to Paris and The Netherlands. Here are a few of my photos from the trip, plus my "Top Five" favourite outings I've had lately!

1. Take a train trip. We actually managed to do Paris in a day! It's totally feasible and was a lot of fun! We took the Eurostar from London St. Pancras to Paris Gare du Nord (2 hours and 15 minutes) in the morning and then left late that evening.

After we arrived in Paris, we hopped on the subway and took it to the Luxembourg Gardens. From there we walked our way up to Notre Dame and the Louvre, and quickly Uber'd to the Eiffel Tower and Galleries Lafayette where we stocked up on wine, cheese and pastries from their Gourmet Hall. We finished the day with a drink at Le Compas! If you book in advance here tickets can be quite affordable.

Eurostar is also planning for a direct train to Amsterdam in late 2017. Since this isn't yet available, we took on a quick 45 minute flight from London to The Netherlands. Since the weather was rainy we spent a lot of time indoors in museums and cafes; the Rijksmuseum and Coffee and Coconuts are a must!

2. I celebrated my 26th birthday drinks at Barts; a secret speakeasy decked out in Mickey Mouse wallpaper that's tucked inside the Chelsea Cloisters. Bartenders eye you up and down through a peep-hole to decide whether or not you make the cut. It was lot's of fun and I'd highly recommend going if you're in London! Another favourite hidden bar of mine is Cahoots - they have live music some nights so be sure to book ahead.

3. Gordon's Wine Bar is so romantic and such a classic. Perfect for afternoon wine and cheese, especially if you have visitors in town as it's a quick walk to the London Eye and Big Ben.

4. It's a bit too far away to be called my "local", but The Spaniard's Inn will forever be my favourite pub in London. Their winter garden has heaters and twinkle lights and the food is always good. Plus, it's a stone's throw away from Hampstead Heath so you can go for a leisurely stroll as you digest your fish and chips!

5. I love the Christmas cheesy-ness that is Winter Wonderland... and Hyde Park looks stunning in the winter! Head to Piano Bar in Kensington after to warm up with drinks and enjoy some live music and dancing!
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Top 50 Etsy Gifts

Thursday 3 November 2016


I'm so guilty of being one of those people who get all of their holiday shopping done in November. Blame it on the OCD but I love the detail that goes into thoughtful gifts, and the feeling of having all of your Christmas shopping out of the way waaaaay before December even rolls around is amazing.

I'm also a huge fan of personalized, handmade gifts - I really don't think presents need to be expensive in general, but I do think it's important they hold a certain meaning for the giver and receiver.

I might be a little biased here but Etsy really is the perfect place to buy something with a personal touch for those special people in your life. I've made a round-up of my top 50 gifts on Etsy - from the foodie to the gym rat, I got you covered!

Foodies unite! These ones are for you...

16. Engraved reindeer napkin holders
17. Wine opener t-shirt
18. Handpainted ceramic spoons
19. Avocado spoon
20. Coffee and cardio water bottle
21. Tea-towel set
22. Personalized rolling pin
23. "We're Getting Tacos" t-shirt
24. Christmas cocktail sugar
25. "Him & Her" tea-towels
26. Cake topper
27. "Whisky is my Spirit Animal" t-shirt
28. Handmade copper pour-over
29. "What's For Dinner" dice
30. Personalized cutting board

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