Snowed In

Tuesday 12 February 2019

Hello from this crazy Canadian snow storm! I would be home the week Toronto gets hit with a storm, but I am not even mad about it – I haven’t experienced being #snowedin in such a long time and it gives me a good excuse to whip out my Roots Cabin SocksSorels and good old Canada Goose. I swear this is the Canadian equivalent to the USA's basic North Face sweater, leggings and Uggs combo but... I don't care.

I definitely consider this blog to be more travel themed than fashion themed (I am by no means a hardcore fashionista), but there are some winter pieces I simply can’t live without and I thought I would share them with you today in the spirit of snowy Canada. 

So first things first, as mentioned above, I could never get through winter without my Canada Goose.  Might be kinda mainstream I know, but this jacket has not failed me for five years. FIVE years (!!!). It keeps me warm and is 100% worth the investment. Same goes for my Sorels – I recently got a new pair (kicking myself because they just went on sale) but my old ones also lasted around 4 years-ish. The style I am wearing is called the ‘Whistler Mid Boots’ and they keep my toes warm and dry all winter long!

I really don’t know how people dress up in -20 to go out (with friends, family, date night, etc.) but I seem to always gravitate towards the classics: high waisted jeans, black bodysuit and heeled booties. I realize I’m not the only girl that wears this combo but it’s yet to fail me. I have three pairs of jeans that are always on rotation: Rag & Bone 10-Inch Capri with Slit (I’ve raved about these in a previous post), Levi’s Wedgie Icon and Levi’s 501 Skinny. I really don't even bother with other brands or styles anymore as these three keep my bum happy...

In terms of bodysuits and long-sleeves, I get the most of mine from Forever 21. My favorite leggings to wear during winter days are from NikeAdidas (the Original Three Stripe), TNA or Armatura which are a small UK brand I discovered whilst living there. The leggings I am wearing today are from Nike and they have the logo in metallic on the bottom. I found them for 20 bucks in a Marshalls in Florida but sadly can't find them online anywhere - these, however, are super similar and very fitting for a snow day!

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