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Thursday 18 April 2019

Hello from London! I get asked quite often where to eat when coming here for a visit, so I decided to compile a list of my favorite spots for you. Coming back to a place where you once lived in is always bittersweet – I have so many wonderful memories here, and it still feels a little strange to hang out just as a visitor, one year later.  

When I lived in London I lived quite north, so I spent a lot of time in Hampstead, Belsize Park and Primrose Hill. I think spending an afternoon taking a walk up to the top of Primrose Hill or in the Heath is really magical (I’m so corny). My absolute favourite pubs are located up north in these areas!

I have so many favourite places to eat here, but I’ve tried to narrow it down per category:  

Best Party Atmosphere: Gloria
Best Cheap Eat: Flat Iron
Best Tapas: Barrafina
Best Pub: The Spaniards Inn, The Princess & The Holly Bush (Don’t make me pick one)
Best Brunch: Oklava
Best Indian: Dishoom
Best Small Plates: Caravan
Best Sushi: Roka
Best Steak: Hawksmoor
Best Pre-Dinner Drink: Gordon’s Wine Bar  
Best Afternoon Tea: Sketch

* Anima e Cuore doesn’t have the best atmosphere but some of the yummiest Italian I’ve had outside of Italy!          

Top: Madewell / Jeans: Levis Wedgie
Loitering outside Gloria's

Head over to Borough Market on a Saturday for a really great selection of food stalls and grab a doughnut from Bread Ahead whilst you are there! I also love popping in and out of the restaurants in Exmouth Market, and, call me a tourist, but I think it’s still really fun to head west and grab a bite at the Harrods food hall.

Shoreditch is always really fun for a night out, and great bars are Strongroom and Blues Kitchen. If you're up for a posher night out, grab a drink at The Ned - the always have live music and the vibes make you feel super fancy.

Thanks for following along, and I hope you get a chance to checkout some of my top London picks next time you're in the city!

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