My Favourite Fitness Classes

Sunday 4 March 2018

Let me just throw this out there - I used to hate going to classes, I was strictly an elliptical and treadmill girl with a couple weights here and there. I didn't want to try classes because I didn't want to be on someone else's schedule. I liked going to the gym on my own time and I liked to get in and out as fast as possible, because, let's face it - an hour on the elliptical is so boring. Finally my friends convinced me to come to some classes with them, and I haven't looked back since.

1. BLOKsculpt at Blok London: I looooove this workout because it really makes you sweat, and focuses on your legs/booty. It combines high intensity, high impact cardio with toning of the glutes and core with resistance bands, gliders and ankle weights.  Definitely my favourite class in London!

2. Metabolic at Metabolic London: The first time I took this class I could hardly finish it - it is so hard. It's similar to BLOKsculpt but is full body conditioning through HIIT and strength exercises.

3. Signature at Barrecore: Barre will have you shaking and sweating while doing a combination of isometric exercises (small intense movements) alternated with stretching to help you create a longer, leaner look!

4. Boom Cycle: I love Boom Cycle because it isn't as competitive as say, Digme, where you feel like you're in a video game competing against random strangers. Boom Cycle also incorporates weights and isn't purely spinning, which I like.

5. Reshape at 1Rebel: This is 45 minutes of switching between the treadmill and weights, non-stop, helping you develop your endurance and strength. Everytime I leave I feel like I have really pushed myself.

6. Reformer Pilates at Ten Health & Fitness: The machine can be intimidating at first, but once you get it down this workout is different in the sense that it highlights your core strength and flexibility! 

7. Circuit at Core Collective: You move through a dynamic circuit (from rowing machines to burpees) during this 1 hour class - and you leave quite sweaty!

8. Barre at Triyoga: I like to switch it up and do barre at Triyoga as well as Barrecore, as it is more of a "yoga" and "ballet" inspired barre class. By no means easy, but something that I would want to do on a typical lazy Sunday.

9. Bootylicious at The Fitness Mosaic: The Fitness Mosaic is a pretty basic gym, but their Bootylicious class is so much fun and focuses on exercises that (you guessed it) tone the bum.

10. HIIT Gym: This one is your typical HIIT workout where you get all the benefits of group personal training. It's really close to my house so I can go in the morning before work!
There you have it - my ten favourite classes in London. If I've missed any or need to try a new class, please leave it in the comments.

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