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Friday 14 August 2015

1. A trip to Zurich! It's next on my hit list at the end of the month.

2. Dorm room decorations. August has me thinking back-to-school everything (even though I am no longer a student).... Also, check out these dorm rooms you'll never see on the campus tour. Yikes.

3. I think my mother would appreciate this mug.

4. A test tube flower chandelier (that's a mouthful) might seem unnecessary, buuuut I need it. This would also look fab as party or wedding decor.

5. I'm still in Berlin, so a scoop from Anna Durkes would make me pretty happy on this 38° day.

6. MEETING MARLIN!!! In 7 weeks, I'll be able to meet this little guy and my family will be bringing him home to Canada! You can follow Marlin and his ten littermates on their puppy blog.

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